At this stage in the process we will be fitting you with the device. This is when we may need to do any small modifications to optimise the fit and/or function of your device. Any changes or adjustments to the trimlines can be done while you wait. Once the device is checked you can take the device and test it out at home.

What to expect

  • For Lower Limb orthoses

Trimlines and fine-tuning of gait are key parts of the fitting procedure.

It is advisable to wear shorts and roomy trainers or shoes. Expect to test the orthosis out and about as well as try it on stairs or running if you are a candidate for.

  • For spinal braces

Best to wear a light T-Shirt underneath your spinal brace.

The process takes about 1h of fitting and adjusting as we go along and we will test out the orthosis in sitting and standing.

  • For orthotic inserts and footwear

Bring your trainers along or a roomy pair of shoes. Expected appointment is around 30 minutes. For orthopaedic footwear at a trial fit stage please bring a fresh pair of socks with you.

  • Check out procedure

We expect that all orthotic devices will be noticeable as they apply forces and pressures to the body to do their work. You may be asked to keep the brace on for some time and go for a walk to ensure it is comfortable.

You will be given written information on how to look after your brace.

More information on how to look after your brace can be found on our FAQs section (link to FAQs section) along with all the information leaflets to download.

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