Below you will find an answer to any questions you may have for us. If you have a specific query please do not hesitate to contact us.

Answering Clinical Questions Improves Patient Safety

  • Who are we and what services do we offer?

    Our clinician will be able to assist you and guide you through your treatment options and the most appropriate type of orthosis or prosthesis required. We will also assist you along the way by making any modifications or alterations that may be needed for optimal fit and function of your orthosis or prosthesis.

  • What is an orthosis?

    An orthosis is an external medical device designed and fitted to each individual patient to fulfil one or more of treatment goals:

    • Correct or prevent a deformity
    • Support or stabilise a joint
    • Protect a joint or structure post-operatively
    • Assist joint motion
    • Resist joint motion
    • Accommodate deformities that may produce pain or discomfort
    • Reduce risk of further injury or damage to a joint or structure
    • Optimise walking
  • What is a prosthetic?

    It depends as the decision is based on your own specific needs.

    You may be opted a bespoke or off-the-shelf orthosis based on the treatment goals that are set during the initial assessment and review process.

    Artificial limb sockets are always bespoke and prices vary based on different factors such as materials used, liners, foot specifications, etc.

  • How much should I wear my device for?

    There is NO one fit regime for all. Your guidelines are likely to be unique for your own needs and according to the goals that are set during the assessment. You can discuss this in greater detail during the fitting and review appointments with our clinician.

  • What should I bring along to my appointment?

    Besides an upbeat attitude and positivity, if it is your first appointment then it is best to bring a pair of shorts if it is for lower limb or an old T-shirt if it is for a scoliosis or back brace. Please beware that if a plaster cast is required then it is going to be messy.

  • How can I book an appointment?

    We are delighted to see you and build a long-term patient centred relationship to meet your needs. To book an appointment you can do so by email, telephone or messaging us on Facebook via our official like page.

  • How long does my appointment last and will I be seen on time?

    We try to operate a strict schedule; your allocated time can largely depend on your specific needs and complexity. Everyone is different with specific needs and we understand this.

    For orthotic patients, expect an initial appointment to last between 45 minutes to 60 minutes if it involves casting and around 30 minutes for a fitting appointment.

    For prosthetic patients, expect an appointment of around 60 minutes on average.

  • How do I look after my orthosis or prosthesis?

    Although there are some basic guidelines, not all devices that we supply are the same, so it is advised to discuss this matter in greater detail with your clinician. You can find more information below.