The AFOs help me walk better.

Join our ever growing number of paediatric and adult patients that benefit from a well designed and fitted AFO that enables them to optimise their gait.

Feedback from our patients

Marianna M.
“I have just completed my second half marathon using my 3D Scanned custom made cushioning insoles made at VIMA and I am absolutely chuffed! During my last half marathon my knees were so sore but this time around this not the case and it is all down to the materials and design of my insoles. Denos got my prescription spot on!"
Fotis V.
“I work as a waiter every night and I am always on my feet. Over the last couple of years the pain in my arches was pretty bad but now that is gone!”
Ioanna E.
“I love the design of my custom AFOs, the leopard design matches most of my outfits!”